Volunteer Focus: Andrew Alport
March 31, 2014

Hi I’m Andrew…

Here I go with my first venture into the blogosphere. It is an entry which my daughter views as ‘modern’. However, despite doing my best to demonstrate we wrinklies are not technological infants, I did baulk at the suggestion of including a ‘selfie’. I have decided that for my initial piece I would explain how and why I, along with my wife, became keen volunteers for Living Paintings.

We came to hear about the charity at a local U3A open meeting in 2008 where a representative told us all about the work of Living Paintings, showed us samples of what it had to offer, and then called for volunteers. The presentation immediately struck a chord deep inside me because books and reading have always been a great source of pleasure (as well as knowledge and information), an essential part of my life; they remain so. My wife is a great reader; our two children enjoy reading and still do. And now there was our granddaughter, only a few months old at that time, who was already deriving much happiness from sitting on her Mum’s lap, looking at books and enjoying stories read to her. All of us could reach out, whenever we felt the need, pick up a book and access all kinds of exciting, moving and interesting stories; could find out about the world around and beyond us. Yet, as it was pointed out, there were children and adults who could not do this, who were missing out on the joy of books. The presentation brought home this fact and showed us how we could help; we offered ourselves straight away and since then have enjoyed working with a friendly group of people in doing a job we feel is extremely worthwhile and brings so much pleasure.

Andrew Allport

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