Volunteering for the long run
February 2, 2016

Image of Volunteers Paul & Angela

Hi, my name is Angela.

I first joined Living Paintings as a volunteer at least 28 years ago – almost at the beginning. I was recruited by Alison, our founder, and we all worked in the music room of her home. We have come a long way since those early days – though we still use the same thermoform press. It has done good service!

Pressing the tactile images (thermoforms) was my job for a long time but I think I have covered pretty well all the jobs at Living Paintings at one time or another. I wouldn’t be able to do the library work now – far too high tech for me!

I have enjoyed writing scripts for Touch to See adult and children books. I have also enjoyed hearing them being read by famous people on occasion. A few famous people have come to our studio in the past. Sadly that doesn’t happen so often now as it is easier for the script readers to work in a local studio and connect to us electronically.

My work now is in the production department. At present we are working on the Spot books which the children love so much. They are very tricky to make as they are lift the flap books and we have to jump through many fiddly hoops to get to the final product. We just have to keep reminding ourselves why we are doing it!

If you are interested in being a volunteer with Living Paintings like Angela, please call Sharon on 01635 299771 or fill in our online form.

*Please note, this blog post has been updated with new details about how to become a volunteer.

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