We discover a special link
June 11, 2015

Hi, Sue here.

It was during a coffee morning that I discovered a wonderful connection between one of our longest-serving volunteers, Len Webb, and our children’s author-in-residence, David Melling.

I happened to mention to Len how excited we were that David was coming in to visit us and had agreed to be our first author-in-residence on Wigwam – our Discovery Hub all about books and activities for blind and partially sighted children. Len is a very creative man who spent part of his career making models and display material for clients such as The Science Museum and Sainsbury’s.  During the 1950s he worked for Christopher Melling, a sculptor, at his studio in Baker Street, London. It got him wondering about whether David and Christopher were related and we had a long chat about it.

Lo and behold, the very next day David visited us and was admiring the carved artwork we use to create our tactile pictures when he mentioned that his late father was a sculptor!  When I told him about Len, David was very interested and keen to contact him to find out if he did indeed work at his father’s studio.  I put them in touch and they set up a meeting at the house of David’s brother, who conveniently lives in Kingsclere.  They spent a couple of hours reminiscing over tea and cake and looking at photographs of Christopher. We love this memento of the meeting with them coincidentally wearing matching shirts!

Living Paintings' volunteer Len meets the Melling brothers

Living Paintings brings people together – we’re sure there’s a television programme in there somewhere….


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