We Meet Alan Davies…..
March 4, 2011

We sent the lovely Candice from our production team off to meet actor Alan Davies when he was in studio recording the soundtrack for a new Touch to See book.  Here’s what they both had to say:

 “I’ve just taken time out from filming QI to record a new Touch to See book for      Living Paintings. This is for young blind members of their free library and it’s called Billy Monster’s Daymare.

 I love reading funny stories, and scary ones too, and this book is both! Billy is a little orange monster and he has daymares about children chasing him. The story is set in a topsy-turvy world, full of monsters, quirky creatures and hairy birds. It’s a classic twist on childhood bedtime fears, it’s very funny.

My job was to describe the illustrations in the book and guide little fingers over the feely pictures of the characters which include Billy Monster himself. I was delighted to do this, as imagination and wonder are the world of children and actors, and sharing this with youngsters who have little or no sight is a great thing to do.”  Alan

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“I’ve been a huge fan of Alan Davies since I first started watching Jonathan Creek and QI, and the idea of meeting him was truly amazing, especially for some of our volunteers who were nearly more excited than me! The actual day lived up to all my expectations; he was happy, smiley and genuinely a lovely person wanting to help us in any way he could. The recording session was over so quickly – he read it perfectly with such animation and enthusiasm, it was just what we needed for Billy Monster!”  Candice



And this is what Ross Collins, illustrator of Billy Monster’s Daymare, had to say about the project.  I’m sure he’s going to love Alan’s soundtrack!

“I am quite honoured to have Billy Monster chosen to be transformed into a Living Paintings book. I confess that before I was approached by LP it had never occurred to me how much young blind and partially sighted children would miss out on not being able to use picture books as other children do. Therefore I think the work that Living Paintings do is both important and inspiring.”

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