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October 7, 2015

Tayen dressed as a super hero

Living Paintings are super-proud to be supported by our heroes at BBC Children in Need. Their generous funding is helping us provide support to the children who use our library – ensuring that every child accesses the books that most suit their level of reading, confidence and interests. We receive excellent feedback from parents, teachers and the children themselvesĀ  – like this teacher at a mainstream school, whose blind pupil originally lacked confidence and was too shy to get fully involved in the lessons:

“It is phenomenal that thanks to Living Paintings a blind child is able to learn so much through ‘visual learning’, creating greater levels of independence and inclusion… with our last book, she was able to ‘look’ at the images using her senses of touch and hearing enabling the images to come alive and for her to then be able to join-in with the rest of the class and be fully involved with ALL aspects of the lesson.”

Doing well in school and being able to communicate more fully about many more subjects means children using our books are able to gain confidence and self-esteem. Armed with this sense of achievement they can enter a whole new world of social opportunities and interests.

At least half of our library members are children or schools, and we are hugely grateful to BBC Children in Need for their very generous support of this area of our work.

You too can be a fundraising hero for Children in Need. If you are part of a workplace, school or community group, you can join in the fun by dressing up as your favourite childhood hero (like Tayen in her Superwoman costume pictured above). Their website gives mountains of ideas and suggestions to make your fundraising truly heroic.

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