What a difference a year makes
February 12, 2016

The T2C Book Club service now reaches 214 Clubs and benefits 3,210 members. We are working with approximately 86 organisations across the country and attended 13 events over the last year. That is pretty amazing if I do say so myself!

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Maybe you met the Living Paintings team at the Sight Village events in Birmingham, Manchester or London. Or perhaps spoke to me when I attended the Edinburgh and Glasgow Sight Village events, the RNIB York workshops and the London Members Forum meetings.

I have loved meeting so many people and hearing about where they live, how they fill their time and their life stories. One thing I have noticed is that everyone is so chatty and welcoming, as if I have known them all my life. I can only imagine that is why members say to me that being part of a group enables them to make friends and develop a whole new family.

From the first moment you walk into a Book Club meeting, full of people who are chatting and laughing, you are never alone. Immediately you are noticed and someone speaks to you, introduces themselves, guides you to a seat, offers you a cup of tea and invites you into a conversation –  giving you an instant feeling that you belong. I know this, as I have carried out 49 Club visits over the last year. It’s been wonderful and I have loved every minute of it. The only trouble is…I want to be a member of each and every Club myself!

T2C book club map

This map of the UK shows that our Book Club beneficiaries are in all areas of the country. But there is always room for many more.

We want to reach 1,000 more beneficiaries over the next year. But if possible, more than that!  If you would like to join a group, set one up, or know someone who could benefit from our fabulous T2C Book Clubs and resources please give me a call on 01635 299771. Click here to find out more about Touch to See Book Clubs.

Help us to create another wonderful year of good stories and great friendships. Till next time,

Maria, T2C Programme Manager

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