“I’m writing to congratulate you on the Living Picture Book adaptation of ‘Pass the Jam, Jim’ which arrived this morning. I am so, so impressed. I had no idea it would be as brilliant as this.” Kaye Umansky, Author of ‘Pass the Jam, Jim’

For children

Touch to See books for children

Our children’s library offers an ever growing range of books to support blind and partially sighted children’s reading, education and leisure interests, from pre-school, to primary through to secondary school.

Introductory Books

These are ideal for first time borrowers and young children.

  • Simple painted tactile pictures are accompanied by audio guides that introduce children to our Touch to See library including feeling tactile pictures and responding to audio description. Useful guidance notes assist parents and teachers with additional information, suggestions for further reading and activities.

Pre-School Learning Library

Parents and teachers find this award-winning series for Early Years invaluable.

  • Littlest borrowers can enjoy characters such as Spot and have fun whilst taking their first steps in learning about the visual world. Simple hand-painted tactile pictures are accompanied by short audio guides which include animated descriptions, music and sound effects.

Fun with Spot Introductory Pack

Living Picture Books

Original published picture books by all the top publishers, authors and illustrators, packaged with our unique added extras.

Fantastic for learning to read Braille and inspiring a love of reading and pictures. Great for circle time at school and story time at home.

Children can enjoy the same access to all the popular picture books as their sighted peers.

Parents can borrow their child’s favourite picture books and share in the enjoyment of the lively descriptive audio guides, often read by famous people like Martin Clunes, Alan Davies and Bill Bailey.

Contemporary classics and characters include Charlie and Lola, Lost and Found, The Gruffalo and Kipper. Popular authors and illustrators include Mick Inkpen, Anthony Browne, Julia Donaldson and Oliver Jeffers.

The original published book is comb bound and packaged with:

  • 2-4 hand-painted tactile pictures of the characters and scenes in the story, created to match the illustrator’s style.
  • The text of the story in Braille, on clear plastic sheets which are interleaved through the book.
  • A lively audio guide which describes the illustrations on each page and guides the fingers over the tactile pictures.

Listen to a taster of Hugh Bonneville describe Touch to See picture book Lost and Found.

Living Picture Packs

Children will enjoy discovering the illustrations in literary classics and treasuries such as ‘Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends’, ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ and Roald Dahl.

  • These packs contain at least 5 tactile pictures, each depicting one or more characters or scenes from the selected book. Audio guides evocatively describe the tactile pictures with music and sound effects.

Topical Books

This range enables blind and partially sighted children to access leisure subjects that their sighted peers enjoy. Titles include ‘The History of Space Exploration’, ‘Super Transport’, ‘Flag Quiz’, ‘World Music’, ‘Explore the Seashore’ and ‘Anholt’s Artists’.

  • Encourages a child’s independent learning, exploration and investigation of subjects. Designed to promote leisure interests and hobbies.
  • Supports subjects across the National Curriculum. Great for project work and an invaluable aid for homework.

Watch this taster of Topical Book Explore the Seashore.

Teacher Resource Books

These high quality, in-depth books support the teaching and learning of subjects across the National Curriculum including literacy, history, science, geography, music and art. Parents and teachers find this range for Key Stage 2 and 3 invaluable.

  • Designed to develop a child’s enthusiasm for learning and provide an understanding of the visual world.
  • Encourages positive, shared learning experiences in class. Great for homework help and project work.
  • Creatively communicates what the Romans did, what happened in World War II, how people in Tudor Times lived and much more.

Each Teacher Resource Book and Topical Book contains:

  • Up to 13 tactile pictures.
  • Educational audio guides that bring subjects to life in a fun way whilst directing the fingers over the tactile pictures, enhanced with atmospheric music and sound effects.
  • A colour image pack that can be used with sighted peers, teachers and parents.
  • Useful Guidance Notes for parents and teachers, with additional information, suggestions for further reading and activities.


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