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Touch to See books for young people

Our fabulous new range of Touch to See books are designed and created to reflect the interests of young adults and teenagers. These aspirational guides cover fashion, music, theatre, film, astronomy, football, art, architecture and healthy lifestyles.

These books will inspire, educate and entertain:

Learn about the history of fashion through the decades and then discover how to recreate your favourite looks be it 60s beatnik or 70s hippie with ‘Fashion Now’.

Rock your way through popular genres from rhythm and blues to heavy metal with our indispensable guide to ‘Music Now’.

Go behind the camera to explore the history of cinema and genres such as horror and science fiction in ‘Lights, Camera, Action!’.

Explore the wonders of the Universe, discover black holes, galaxies and study the night sky with ‘Ka-boom: a guide to the Universe’.

Hear exclusive recordings of an international model, a Creative Director at a top London fashion house and a Premier League footballer.

Access reading lists, music playlists, exclusive interviews, related articles, soundscapes, videos and blog posts via our website.

Touch to See books for teenagers contain:

  • Up to 10 tactile pictures.
  • Entertaining and atmospheric audio guides that describe and discuss the tactile pictures, often read by famous voices and enhanced with music and sound effects.
  • Colour pictures to accompany each tactile picture that can be shared with sighted companions.
  • The Fashion book will contain a swatch of materials with accompanying audio guide.
  • More exciting added extras and bonus tracks to be added when delivery is online!

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