What you need to know about watching films in cinemas, on Blu-ray and DVD if you are visually impaired
May 22, 2015

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Cinema audio description is a service for blind and partially sighted people. How it works – the film soundtrack comes through the cinema’s surround sound speakers in the usual way and through a headphone set the recorded narrator explains what’s happening on screen in gaps in the dialogue.

Find out which cinemas provide audio description in your area at Your Local Cinema or telephone them on 0845 056 9824.

Have you heard about the CEA Card which gives you 2 for 1 on cinema tickets? The CEA Card allows you to obtain ONE free ticket for the person who is accompanying you to enable you to visit the cinema, by providing the assistance you require. This might include:
assisting you in moving around the cinema including finding and taking a seat;
helping you evacuate the cinema in the event of an emergency;
accompanying and/or assisting you in using the cinema’s toilets;
assisting you in purchasing refreshments.

You can apply for the CEA Card online or by post. For more info, FAQs and the Terms and Conditions visit the wesbite.

Audio description on DVD and Blu-ray is available with most films these days. The DVD case will say whether the film comes with AD (it’s in small writting and usually on the back of the case at the bottom). When you start the DVD, check the information menu to find out if it has audio description.

Check out our favourite YouTube star and blind film critic Tommy Edison who produces film review videos online and videos that reveal a glimpse into his life and the challenges that he faces daily. He’s very funny, so it is definitely worth visiting his YouTube channel.

Watch Tommy’s review on The Dark Knight Rises:

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