Wood carving master artworks – a master class!
June 28, 2019

Our raised images are what make Living Paintings’ Touch to See books so special! But have you ever wondered how we go about making our feely pictures? Previously we’ve explained the entire Touch to See making process from paper to plastic, which can be found here. But how do we get from paper to wood? Our wood carver Peter has opened the doors to his workshop and is giving us all a master class in carving master artworks!

In the video below Peter walks us through the wood carving process from start to finish.

Please be aware this video features some loud noises.

First he starts by tracing the entire image onto the baseboard – this is so he knows where to stick the wood carvings once they’re cut. He then takes us over to the saw taking great care in cutting out the picture. Once these are all stuck down it’s time to start wood carving some master artworks! He uses chisels of all shapes and sizes to carve the fine details that you’ll feel with your fingertips and bringing these stories to life. Once all the carving is done, it will be sanded down making it soft and smooth. The final step is to give the master artwork is a polish with beeswax which lets us make multiple copies of the wood carving.

The master artworks Peter is creating in this video are for our upcoming series LITERATURE ALIVE! which will bring the world of storytelling to blind and partially sighted children. Here Peter is working on characters created by David Walliams, you’ll meet the best loved characters and learn of their antics.

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