Works of art in ‘Mr Turner’ film, come to life in our Touch to See library
October 21, 2014

There’s nothing like the feeling of squeezing out a tube of oil paint onto a palette, dipping a brush or tool into the thick goop and striking the blank canvas with colour.

The great master and Brit art legend Turner is our paint inspiration this week. In typical Living Paintings style, blind and partialy sighted people can enjoy Turner’s priceless works of art for free in our Touch to See library:

The Fighting Temeraire by Turner tactile picture

Above, our best-loved tactile picture of The Fighting Termeraire by JWM Turner, 1839 from our Touch to See book Works of Art from the National Gallery: 2

The Fighting Termerarie from National Gallery websiteImage from The National Gallery website

The Chain Pier, Brighton JMW by Turner tactile picture

Tactile picture of The Chain Pier, Brighton by JWM Turner, 1828, from our Touch to See book Works of Art from Tate Britain

The Chain Pier in Brighton by Turner, image from Image from Tate Gallery wesbite

Timothy Spall, actor and Living Paintings volunteer, stars as JWM Turner in Mike Leigh’s film ‘Mr Turner’.

Watch the movie trailer:

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